About KBC


Study the properties of water, master them, and we will create an environment in which nature and man are in harmony.


Management Vision

We aspire to becoming the leading company that creates an analytical technique and evaluates the safety of “human and environment”.



We respond to the needs of a society and customers in our products and service that evaluate
the safety of “human and environment”, and provide them in a timely fashion.
To achieve this policy, we implement the following.


  1. We build a quality management system based on the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025.
  2. We periodically evaluate the efficacy of a quality management system, and continually improve it.
  3. We set a clear goal of maintenance and improvement of quality, and all the staffs implement the PDCA cycle on the policy.
  4. All the staffs understand the quality management system, and observe the operating procedure provided in a quality guideline in our business conduct.




Established as a specialty company of analysis by integration with Kurita techno-research center, co., Ltd and the analysis department of Kuritaz, co., Ltd.


Registered as a water supply testing institution in article 20 of Water Supply Act in preparation for examinations of tap water.


Registered as an asbestos analysis laboratory and began asbestos analysis services
Established the Nagoya Sales Office to expand operations in the Chubu area


Established the Tokyo Sales Office to expand sales in the Greater Tokyo Metropolitan Area


Obtained ISO 17025 certification to enhance quality assurance and improve quality for the analysis of materials for green procurement.
Registered as a hot spring analysis laboratory and began hot spring analysis services.


Established the Atsugi service office as bases of a quality test of industrial water supply.


Established the Kurita training center toward improvement and creativity of analysis technique.
Began drug contract test with our analysis technique and experiment
Established the Sakai service office to expand our operations in the Sakai industrial complex area.


Begin PCB analysis in organic pigment
Tokyo sales office move to Atsugi service office for rationalization


Ttransfer Chiba office establishment for duties expansion
Began metal contaminations(10ppb order) analysis in semiconductor material photo resist.
Certification ISO 17025 with the pure water analysis


Established the Shiga service office to expand our operations in Kinki area
Expand the scope of accreditation in ultra pure water ISO 17025 .(15 items total)